On-Line Resource for Managers

February 2007

Dear clients, participants and prospective clients,

One of my suppliers in the UK has developed an innovative online learning tool which I think might be of value to you.  It blends with more traditional approaches and has been proven to help practicing managers across the world develop their management knowledge and skills. 

To find out more, please take a look at their corporate website at www.theworkingmanager.com and tell me whether or not you think I should offer this to my clients 
to further their leadership development activities.  Current retail price for this service in the UK is GBP150 per person per year and my thought is to offer this service through Potential Dialogue’s existing VIP Client Corner.  If you think this looks interesting, I can arrange for you to have access to the service for a trial period, so that you can explore the content in more depth.

You may wish to look at this innovative resource during the lunar new year break.  The public area of our VIP Client Corner can be accessed at www.PotentialDialogue.com (enter the word potential in lower case letters when asked for your password and user name).  After I receive your feedback I will consider the economics of offering this valuable service to my clients.    

Happy Lunar New Year.



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