We introduce change in organisations through a mix of assessment and interview based research, group facilitation, experiential training and senior executive advisory.

  1. The toughest questions facing organisations today have no obvious answers because The Solution Is In The Dialogue.

  2. Potential helps leading organisations negotiate change by managing internal and external dialogues to optimise their success.

  3. Potential Dialogue ensures the right people discuss the right issues in the right way, at the right time and in the right place to ensure stakeholders are consulted, conflicts are resolved and the best ideas are implemented correctly.

  4. Potential Dialogue combines facilitation, negotiation and leadership to optimise the success of its clients in both public and private sectors.

  5. Potential Dialogues follow a process from facilitation through negotiation to implementation: ideas-discussion-directions-plans-resistance-agreement-action-review.

  6. Potential Dialogues lead to: more ideas; better discussion; clearer directions; comprehensive plans; understood resistance; wilful agreement; SMART actions; balanced review

  7. Potential Dialogues have run successfully in Asian, European, American, Caribbean and Middle Eastern cultures proving The Solution is in the Dialogue.

  8. Potential Dialogues can take the following forms:
    1. strategy sessions & team meetings - where we facilitate live dialogue
    2. deal consulting - where we help you win the deal
    3. executive coaching - where we prepare individuals for tough dialogues
    4. group training - where we share techniques to improve dialogues
    5. board membership - where we influence dialogue from the inside

  9. Potential Dialogues are facilitated by:
    1. Peter Nixon - founder and lead dialogue consultant
    2. Accredited Members of The Potential Network - the world's leading network of independent consultants
    3. Potential's Embedded Consultants - people trained to work inside your organisation to help improve dialogue by sharing tips, removing barriers and facilitating feedback