The Star Negotiator Assessment was designed to allow people to identify their negotiation strengths and weaknesses. The results of this assessment provide you with a clearer understanding of your strengths and weaknesses through the stages of negotiation (preparation, introduction, objection, creation and contracting) and in the attributes of Star Negotiators (communication, tactics, information, people, situation).

This assessment should take you roughly 20 minutes. The computer will score your answers and tell you where to focus your attention in the Star Negotiator Workshop (or in the book if you have already attended). If you are one of our clients, please visit the client corner for Star Negotiator Assessment. The Star Negotiator Assessment is also available to the general public through our E*shop. Please click here to our E*shop link.

If you are not yet enrolled in the Star Negotiator Workshop and if you wish to attend one in your area please let us know.