Your Challenge

Getting the most out of our strategy facilitation, negotiation training and professional relationship management processes is a challenge because:

  • Your initiatives start bright but gradually burn out
  • People change, focus shifts, new problems arise needing attention
  • Best practices are only half implemented if at all
  • Return on investment is hard to see
  • You can't afford to wait for the results to materialise

Our Solution

Our specially trained dialogue consultants work inside your organisation to assist change by providing:

  • Persistent, intelligent and culturally aware feedback
  • Identification of roadblocks not previously uncovered so senior management can act
  • Coaching, training and encouragement to your staff on site
  • A reality check from ground level to senior management
  • Mediation in the workplace to overcome conflicts and improve dialogue
  • A neutral sounding board for employees unwilling to talk to their boss
  • Help with change programmes

Your Cost

We will agree a monthly fee with you reflecting the experience level and time expected of the consultant selected. The cost of this service is roughly 10% of the annual offsite or workshop fees that we agree with you. Fees do not include expenses including hotel, airfare, ground costs, materials, shipping & handling, etc. which are billed at cost.

Our Improved Account Management

Dialogue consultants allow us to provide you with enhanced service levels. By managing your account on a regular basis they will be able to stay abreast of:

  • The services and products your provide
  • The challenges faced by you and your organisation
  • Personnel changes and organisation structure
  • Competitive threats and opportunities
  • Opportunities for Potential to continue to add value

We also expect our dialogue consultants to:

  • Earn your trust and respect in carrying out their duties
  • Involve senior management and senior dialogue consultants as required
  • Exchange regular feedback with you and your people up and down the organisation
  • Manage payments and receipts between our organisations
  • Manage Potential's product and service delivery

Where do we find dialogue consultants and how do we contact them?

  • Dialogue consultants share their time between assigned clients. When they are working in your organisation we ask that you provide them with a desk, chair and telephone
  • Working from their base inside your organisation dialogue consultants will "manage by walking around" and dialogue with employees tasked with implementing change as required
  • When not resident in your office, our consultants can be reached 24/7 by cell phone and email

Who are the dialogue consultants and how are they selected and trained?

Bio data and consulting schedules for our dialogue consultants are available at Dialogue consultants selected for clients based upon various criteria including:

  • Client preference
  • Industry and subject awareness
  • Culture, Language and availability

Our website provides details of our professional relationship management and related training. Only suitably experienced consultants are invited to work with us. Consultants are exposed to clients beforehand to ensure they know what is going on and to ensure they fit the client's corporate culture.

How can people become dialogue consultants?

People wanting to become dialogue consultants should contact Potential Dialogue by telephone or email. Dialogue consultants can come from either inside or outside a client organisation. While we normally select experienced consultants only, details of our apprenticeship programme is available on our website.


For more information, please contact us at: