• Potential Limited was incorporated in 1993 in the British Virgin Islands.
  • Potential was registered in Hong Kong in the name of Potential Limited and Potential Associates Limited.


  • Potential began operations alongside Behavioural Science Systems Asia ˇ§BSSAˇ¨ which was founded by Peter Nixon and Robin Stuart-Kotze at the same time.
  • Potential began a 5 year distributor agreement with Effective Negotiation Services ˇ§ENSˇ¨ from Australia
  • Clients : J&J, Ascom
  • Engagements : Work in Paris, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong


  • Clients : Phillips, HKTDC, CGA Canada, C&L
  • Engagements : Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai


  • Clients : HKTDC, CSTDI, Heineken, Tiger Beer, HKCEC, HK Gov't, CGA Canada, Citibank, SIM, BCG, C&L PRC, Inchcape, J&J, Logic, KCRC, HKMA, Phillips
  • Engagements : Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore


  • When the financial crash hit Asia in October Potential took over the clients of BSSA and BSSA became dormant.
  • Clients : KCRC, BCG, Inchcape, Ascom, Phillips, Hyundai, HKMA, C&L, CGA Canada, Owens Corning, Shell, Colgate, PW, Grant Thornton, Novartis, Caterpillar, OOCL, Standard Chartered, HKCEC, Law Society, AC Nielsen, Warner Brothers, SFC
  • Engagements : Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul, Dubai


  • Clients : SIM, Wharf, Grant Thornton, HKTDC, KCRC, AC Nielsen, HKMA, Standard Chartered, Disney, CGA Canada, KCRC, Jockey Club, C&L, Jardines, Colgate, QAD, Ernst & Young, Johnson Electric, Reuters, MTRC
  • Engagements : Hong Kong, Singapore, Guangzhou, Melbourne, Burbank, Paris,


  • ENS distributorship is not renewed so that Peter Nixon can begin working with all negotiation models in connection with his commencement of doctoral studies at Fielding in Santa Barbara.
  • Clients : Signal 8, Caterpillar, Amcham, GfK, ESSO, CSB, IQPC, BC Hydro, ADB, KCRC, ABN AMRO, JP Morgan, Johnson Electric, HKMC, CLP, HKTA
  • Engagements : Hong Kong, Vancouver, Singapore, Manila


  • The STAR Negotiator is born at the request of the Asian Development Bank who were looking for a royalty free negotiation process suitable for Asia. Up to this point all known negotiation models originated in the West.
  • Clients : Morgan Stanley, ADB, HKTA, Caterpillar, CLP, HK Police, Edelman, PwC, IQPC, JP Morgan, HP, A&O, ABB, de la Rue, BC Hydro, YEO, Signal 8, Swire Coca-Cola
  • Engagements : Hong Kong, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, Vancouver, Shanghai


  • Clients : Merrill Lynch, Citibank, Exxon Mobil, CLP, Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered, Law Society, Disney, Ernst & Young, NCR, Nortel, HoK, ATC, Britcham, Perkins Coie, Kennic Lui, FPD, ADB
  • Engagements : Hong Kong, Medan, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Manila


  • Clients : Standard Chartered, ABB, Disney, CLP, ADB, KPMG, SCMP, Morgan Stanley, RBS, Ansbacher
  • Engagements : Hong Kong, NYC, Sydney, Melbourne, Manila, Cayman, Bahamas, Dubai


  • SARs hits and Peter Nixon uses the client quarantine to develop the Professional Relationship Sales Process.
  • Clients : Ove Arup, Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered, ABF, KPMG, HKR, SIM, HP, PwC, Comverse,
  • Engagements : Hong Kong, Manila, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Bangkok, London


  • 10th anniversary note is sent to all clients of the past ten years thanking them for their support.
  • Clients : Ansbacher, Tricor, LTAM, KPMG, JP Morgan, Swire, EDAW, Standard Chartered, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch
  • Engagements : Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Cayman, Bahamas, Singapore, London


  • To fully differentiate brands, Peter's service business begins calling itself Potential Dialogue and launches the new website www.PotentialDialogue.com.
  • Peter Nixon published Negotiation Book with Wiley.
  • Clients : Lovells, KPMG, Standard Chartered, Thales
  • Engagements : Hong Kong, Singapore, London, NYC