Our best partners are our clients. Clients share their challenges and solutions with us and provide a testing ground for us to refine our solutions leading to eventual best practices.

Other Consultants

Working with other management consultants always provides opportunities for great learning. The consultants with whom I have worked the closest and who are still practising are listed in the consultant database on this website.


Behavioural Science Systems continue to provide invaluable advice and assistance with client assignments. The Chairman of BSS, Professor Robin Stuart-Kotze is a global expert in leadership and the creator of the Momentum Radar, as assessment that measures leadership behaviours that help and hinder the success of organisations.

Personal Strengths Publishing own and distribute the Strength Deployment Inventory ¡§SDI¡¨ and related tools. The SDI is the only tool that I am aware of that predicts how people and hence teams change their behaviours as conflict escalates.

One of the best management development websites available today is called The Working Manager. The site was created by a mentor of mine, Dr David West. On this site you can get:

  • Personal feedback on yourself as a manager
  • Quick hints and tips, explanations of management terms
  • Encouragement to think outside the square .
  • Certificates of learning - proof to your employer, help to get that new job, something to be proud of .
  • Over 5,000 pages of management advice, feedback, theory and controversy .