Change Management is the skilful combination of Facilitation, Negotiation and Implementation to create value through change. Outlined below are our professional services related to Facilitation.

The Nature of Our Interventions

  • Facilitating team, annual or periodic meetings.
  • Running off-sites.
  • Help groups identify where they want to go, what will prevent them from getting there.
  • How to overcome the obstacles and how to write actions that will be implemented.

The Tools and Methodologies We Use

  • 12-Step Strategic Team Thinking Procedure.
  • Collaborative Objective Setting.
  • Team-building events.
  • Potential's action writing template.
  • Experiential activities - balancing the business agenda items (work) with experiential (play) activities to achieve success and have fun.

The Competencies We Build in Your People

  • Facilitator training.
  • Consensus building.
  • Divergent and convergent thinking.
  • Body language and listening skills.
  • Climate management.
  • Idea management.

Sample Projects and Current Clients

Sample projects : Annual off-site, team strategy session, global annual meeting, divisional annual meeting, strategy preparation session, team building and think-shop, etc.

Sample clients : Morgan Stanley, China Light and Power, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Johnson Electric, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Salomon Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, KPMG, QUAM, Cdn Chamber of Commerce, Ansbacher

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