How much does it cost?
Professional fees approximate those of tier one accounting and law firms. Time is estimated and project fees are quoted.

How do we know it works?
Repeat business from clients is the best measure we have. Several clients have worked with us for many years.

Are the changes sustainable?
Behavioural change requires continuous attention. We are involved at critical moments in the change cycle but sustainability requires management to keep asking for what they want to see. If the boss asks it will get done and if the boss stops asking status quo will return.

Why don't your clients do it themselves?
Neutral third party consultants can provide an objective view, can tell the boss what he or she needs to hear and can manage the process allowing management to be apart of the process without interrupting it or be judged to sway it one way or another.

What should clients not use you for?
We only accept engagements where senior management endorse the changes needed. We seldom get involved in the day-to-day management at our clients choosing instead to outsource these opportunities to members of the Potential Network.