Potential Dialogue Research & Writing

Potential strives through its dialogues and research to uncover best practices and share these with clients. The result of this research is reflected in our work and from time to time is shared through our writing and presentations.

Articles - Potential produces periodic articles for inclusion in non-academic magazines and internal corporate periodicals. Some of these are available for download from our client corner. If you would like an article written for your publication please contact us.

PhD - Potential treats every client assignment as an opportunity to further the relevance and applicability of its solutions. As assumptions are tested and experience gathered this data is shared for academic review and eventual doctoral recognition.

Assumptions - Potential is presently testing several assumptions in the course of its work, around the three orientations - Results, Rationale and Relationship. These assumptions include:

  1. A seller's discount and a buyer's premium are related to their underlying motivational style
  2. Results oriented people will generally ask for more
  3. Rationale oriented people will have a narrower trading range
  4. Rationale oriented people will start their negotiation closer to a rational price
  5. Results oriented people will have the largest variation from the rational price
  6. Two people with the same orientation will be happier with the outcome than will two people with different orientations
  7. Two people with the same orientation will tend to concede equally when negotiating together
  8. When the negotiation involves a relationship oriented and a results oriented people, the outcome will fall closer to the results oriented person's desired outcome
  9. When the negotiation involves a relationship oriented and a rationale oriented people, the outcome will fall closer to the rationale oriented person's desired outcome
  10. Two rationale oriented negotiators will create the most issues for negotiation (hence get bogged down in the details)
  11. Two results oriented people will create the least number of issues for negotiation (hence deadlock on single issue negotiations)
  12. Two results oriented people will reach agreement faster than any other combination of styles
  13. Pitting together a results oriented with a rationale oriented people will lead to the greatest number of deadlocks
  14. The person who puts the most issues on the table controls the process
  15. Deadlines produce results

Books - Peter Nixon's first book entitled Negotiation and published by Wiley in August of 2005 is demonstration of Potential's desire to capture best practice, make it readily understood and shared in a cost effective way with a large audience. The next book planned is on the subject of Professional Relationship Selling.

Book Reviews - Potential consultants read a lot of books and occasionally write book reviews summarising the major concepts or ideas included therein. These book reviews are available on our website client corner.