Potential takes great pride in ensuring our clients are totally satisfied with the services we provide Below are selected comments about our services from our clients.

"I wanted to let you know that among the programs we have recommended are negotiation skills and business development. Upon approval of the business case we are very keen to discuss these with you further, especially in relation to design, possible collaboration with locally based presenters, tailoring the approach for our business etc. Your general philosophy and approach to both of these areas, especially negotiation, was really impressive.

Thank you so much for the materials you sent and also for putting me in contact with some referees. This certainly helped provide a more comprehensive feel for the nature of the work you do.

It certainly sounds like you are doing some great work all around the world and we look forward to the possibility of working with you in the near future.


-- National Learning Facilitator, Major Law Firm


"As the year is coming to an end, I like to say Thank You for all your contributions to my projects and the organisation in general. Your suggestions and actions have definitely helped to enhance the value for the benefit of all.

Warm regards,"

-- Managing Director, Listed Company, Hong Kong


"Just wanted to provide a quick follow up to Peter's training over the last 2 days. I think we all found it very beneficial .... and enjoyable. It was well worth spending two days on and I will certainly tell those who missed out - although I expect they will hear as much from the others anyway.

We met with an intermediary contact over lunch today to discuss a potential UK client we are hoping to win. It was noticeable that we both used many of the skills we covered over the last 2 days. As a result (and needless to say because we are just great guys!) the meeting went very well and we are hopefully in with a chance."

-- Senior Banker, UK



Thought you might be amused with a recent incident. I met a serious prospect and used your "mama" technique, and have won a seven figure account. There were of course multiple factors but your suggestions seemed to reinforce the positive subliminals.


-- Private Banker, UK


"Peter Nixon was invited by the Law Society to conduct a CPD course on 'Negotiation Skills'. The course received extremely positive feedback. Some participants said the content of the course was interesting, stimulating and very interactive. Others said Peter's presentation was excellent."

-- The Law Society of Hong Kong


"We were impressed by the service provided. For example, the pre workshop conversations were focused on the changes we wanted to make and how we might measure the impact.

The delivery was lively and to the point with examples relevant to our negotiation situations. Some tough questions were well-handled and the audience appreciated the insights brought by the highly experienced facilitators. They established rapport quickly. Many participants commented that they wished we had commissioned a longer session. In particular, Peter Nixon's experience of the professional services environment enhanced an already well - tailored session."

-- Partner, Big Four Accounting Firm, Hong Kong


"Potential has facilitated a number of off-sites for our regional teams. These sessions have proven the value of using an external facilitator, especially one with the experience and ability to incorporate both the human and business issues into the change process. We appreciate Potential's ability to excel at both the fun and the work aspects of our off-sites. We also use Potential for some of our management development training. They consistently rank amongst our best trainers."

-- Director, Major US Investment Bank, Hong Kong


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